Clan recruit: Overachievers

  • Looking to grow the clan a lot more than what it is. In essence clan Overachievers [OVR] is for any and all achievement related players. There are tons of new achievements with this new patch and more coming with RoS. Many things like unique collection and HC achievs and cursed chests/shrines would be a lot easier if many members in clan just called out in clan chat if they found them.

    You do not have to actively hunt achievements nor are you restricted to doing only achievements (obviously :P) but its a good easy going laid back clan to share and have fun with other players.

    Can just mf/grind/farm with others if you want, run ubers as a clan, talk about how bad boa is :P or w/e else you want.

    If your interested in joining up feel free to find the clan on the list or send me a friend request drizzt#1479

    (Better to send me a friends request. Just found out today if someone just requests invite to clan it doesn't show them as pending on roster or anything, so if I happen to be afk or stepped out for a minute I will have no idea you requested an invite)

    Hope to see more people soon!
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