This game needs a DPS Meter - Yep.

  • Before I start i'd like to answer a few things I know people will cry about;

    "This game isn't WoW, there is no need to know your dps, just keep hacking and slashing"

    - Wrong, a dps meter is needed so you can work out the best way/spec for your playstyle, improving your overall experience.

    "This will promote kicking people in public games if they are bad/low dps"

    - Good. Bad people with crap gear should not be playing on harder difficulties if they have no idea what they are doing, they need to go back to master or even hard if needed. Not Torment 1-5.
    - Also, I already along with my friends kick bad players from our games as much as possible. for example if we see someone with paragon level <70 join a torment 1 game we kick the instantly. (We just know they are bad.)

    "This will make everyone use one specific spec when they realise how good it is over the others. Everyone will be the same"

    - Good. This will make blizzard make all specs/talents balanced as this is currently not the case, it will force their hand. Improving diversity further.

    The community does not want this

    - Wrong. Large well known streamers have all called for this to happen and I have seen countless topics on these forums relating to one being implemented.
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