BEWARE! Akarat's Champion will sometimes NOT revive you

  • This is a PSA for Hardcore Crusaders: Please take note that Akarat's Champion will sometimes NOT revive you upon your first death.

    I was unaware of this bug when running Act 5 with a 63 Crusader. Until my last fight, the spell had been working as advertised, but I started fighting a boss, and, well, now I know. I got low on HP, decided to use Akarat's Champion instead of Potion, and went full ham mode. Died in the first 7 seconds of the buff... no revive.

    Went to check Bug thread, and it appears several other people are encountering this bug.

    I do not know of a pattern, or any indication of when it will bug out; it seemingly happens at random. I have not seen any Blue posts on this issue yet, so I advise all you HC Crusaders to not rely 100% on Akarat taking pity on your soul, even if you have decided to be his Champion.

    Stay safe,
  • 28/03/2014 12:32Posted by ramael
    seem hotfixed Yesterday, but im4 be aware

    Just to confirm quickly, yes, we're working on a hotfix for this particular issue. It is currently listed as upcoming hotfix in the hotfix thread and we'll update it accordingly once we've verfied that it went live. Until then: Tread carefully, Crusaders!