Breaking News needs to post real times

  • The current breaking news says

    "... We will provide an update in approximately 1 hour."

    This is useless. I don't know if this was posted 59 minutes ago, or 1 minute ago. I don't know if the update is coming in 1 minute or 30 minutes later, or if this breaking news was posted 3 days ago and they don't really use it for status.

    Please figure out how to either put the actual time the update will occur, or post the time when the message was created.

    Ideally you could have something like this

    [News updated 15 minutes ago]

    ".. We will provide an update in approximately 1 hour (11:00PM PST)."

    There is a timestamp associated with these updates. It will be one hour from that timestamp. Please see the linked thread for information as we have it to share.