Thank you, for the WORST launch ever.

  • When D3 had Error 37, I defended Blizzard as this was the issue that was affecting pretty much everyone, and they were working on fixing it. I did not complain back then, and never complained....until now.

    This extreme lag issue has been persisting for "weeks" now, and doesn't really seem like Blizzard is willing to do anything about fixing this problem, as it doesn't seem like it is affecting many people (in their opinion that is. Thousands of people not being able to play, does it sound like a few people?)

    This lag issue is making me not able to play WoW and Diablo 3 for weeks, and probably Hearthstone is affected, too, but just did not try yet.

    Yah, and I just tried to play as Crusader, and guess what, lag spike. Wonderful. Never thought my pre-order would be nothing but a huge waste of money like this. It's possible that this issue will persist for the next few months or years, so why should I ever bother anymore.

    Well, I don't care to be honest. All I need to do, is to not play WoW nor Diablo 3 again, as they are just unplayable anyway. Why even pay for unplayable games? For now, all I can say is, no more Blizzard games.
  • Heya Sylvanaz, I'm not currently seeing any other reports of latency, although certainly we want to know more about what you're seeing. I'd recommend heading to the Tech Support forum for some assistance in troubleshooting, or contacting our support department directly for some one-on-one help. Or both! Hope you get it sorted out.