Can't Buy RoS

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    TAKE MY MONEY BLIZZARD! I want to buy the digital deluxe, but I've been waiting over 2 hours on my ticket. I've tried 2 different browsers, wiped cookies and cache off both, literally no difference.
  • I need to know a bit more to see what we can do here.

    Currently which browsers did you try?
    Are you currently using the billing profile you have active on this account or a card that is not setup as of yet?

    If it is a brand new card, I recommend creating a new billing profile for this card as this can cause a few issues. If you are using the current billing profile, lets delete it and re-create a new one to see if some information may simply be invalid.

    If the problems persist, let me know and we'll go from there.

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  • 03/24/2014 08:49 PMPosted by Kellond
    I tried Chrome and Firefox. I first tried to set up a new card, didn't work, so I added it to my billing profile, same issue.

    My apologies for the wait on this reply, I was checking to see if there were any issues that may be causing this that I could pass up. That being said, give it a shot in Internet Explorer, while Chrome works off of the same settings, the browser may simply be causing some issues if you have an addons installed in Chrome itself.

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  • Thanks for the screenshot there, as we're sorting through this, lets get you set up with a ticket for a live contact to try and process it. That way if we don't find a resolution you're at least in line to allow us to assist in the purchase.

    You can submit that ticket via this link for your specific situation.

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