Friend Add Failure (Error 5016)

  • I've never experienced this issue in the past and all threads relating to this issue are a year+ old so I'm not going to necro them. I am getting this issue while playing on another region and I only have like 20/100 friends on my list. I cannot accept friend requests.

    On a side note, it would appear that the account management page is really messed up. Manage security doesn't function correctly (nor show the sms alert on/off protected etc details) as well as not showing the ability to change my battle tag as it once did.

    The only "workaround" for now in regards to the security management issue is to use the drop menu options since the hyperlink ({0}management/authenticator.html) redirects to a 404 page.
  • I gave the account a bit of a kick to see if that changed anything. Could you log out of the game and back in and retry this?

    Let me know if it fails and I'll see if we have any other steps that may assist in this issue.

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