Trouble connecting to AU servers

  • I know this seems extremely stupid to say but I can't get on the AU servers. I understand how you're supposed to do it, just start a game on the Americas and it automatically connects you to the AU server. The problem is, it isn't doing it. I'm still connecting to the US server and have around 200-250 ping. I know for certain that I get better ping on the AU servers because I've joined friend's games and had below 60 ping. I've contacted supported and followed all the steps they've offered me, DNS flush, updating modem firmware and I've done ping tests that show me connecting to a Sydney server with ~50 ping shown here:
    Honestly just hoping I can find a workaround so I can enjoy this new server with everyone else!
  • Thank you for highlighting this, can you restart your client and retest please? Players from Papa New Guinea and New Caledonia should now route automatically to our new Australian game servers.
  • 03/24/2014 07:46 PMPosted by Ghostdog
    I'm from Perth, not PNG. Here is my pathping test from this morning. I have a constant 400-500ms in game.

    Some people from in this thread are from Papa New Guinea so the changes we made should help. As for others in Australia who cannot connect to the Australian servers for some reason - we are working to get a solution for this later this week.