☆ WARRIORS OF NIGHT ☆ are looking for members!

  • We are a subtle, international group (52 members) of good and polite team players who still like looking for new members. We play t2 to t5, make a lot of power levels, Hellfire ring farms, and every member is active and (almost) daily online.

    Mutual Help level up new chars is a matter of course for us. (Against a deposit of 100 million I give when needed Exp-Gear set composed of Leoric's signet ring 26%, Cain set, shining star-shaped ruby - brings 31% XP bonus in the helmet).

    We do not use TS, we relax instead. The only requirement for you is, you should have a certain age (20+) have achieved and bring a minimum level of spiritual maturity. Obligations, there are none except having FUN!
  • The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason (called 'necro bumping' or 'necroing').