Blackrock Ledger page 15

  • Posted this in the hardcore forum, they told me to post it here for yall' (yes this is a hardcore toon, and yes I'm broke hehe)

    So, I was in act 2 and came upon this guy digging near a half buried ship, he said something along the lines of:

    Be careful, this ship is cursed by demons, we should be okay if we don't disturb it ...
    Then one of those annoying things that blow up, appeared and blasted him to smithereens..

    Wish I wouldda got a screenie of him gettin blown up, but here is the ship and the page..

  • The Black Rock Ledger is a nice little mystery, isn't it? If you're lucky enough to collect all the lost pages, be sure to examine them closely. The devil's always in the details. ;)
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    Party pooper. :(