"Chiltara" Not dropping

  • Hello, I wrote about this on the European forum and I was told to report it on the US bug report forum;

    Chiltara, the monster that sometimes appear in the frost cavern and that is supposed to drop one of the 5 items required to craft the Staff to enter poney world is bugged and no longer drop said item (or not so often).

    Hope you'll fix that soon, thanks!
  • The drop rate of the Gibbering Gemstone is currently set at the same level is has always been set to. However, due to some changes that went into 2.0.1, Chilltara isn't appearing in the game world quite as often as she did previously, making this key slightly more difficult to get than it was in 1.0.8.

    We have plans for a future patch to make this slightly easier to obtain, but for now, we have verified that the Gemstone is obtainable. It might just require a bit more persistence than it did previously.

    I am going to go ahead and lock this thread now, but we really appreciate all the reports about this. Thanks!