Update: Most Annoying Monster?

  • I'm not talking about which monsters you think are OP.

    Just wondering what monster annoys you guys the most? Meaning ones that sometimes just make you go "FINE!" and walk right by them cuz they are doing something so stupid.

    For a while, like many people, it was maniacs (banelings) for me. Just because they apparently need to go to health class and learn to stop reproducing like rabbits.

    Lately, I have a new one. Enraged Phantoms. Ughhhhh so frickin annoying. They're sometimes called something else but basically they are the "ghosts" in Acts 1 and 2. Try to attack, they jump into a wall, stone or even a single tree. Try to attack a different one, they do the same thing. Uggghhhhh LOL. Just end up going "What.....ever" and moving onto the next pack, letting them follow.


    So after a few days, it's kinda hard to tell who the ultimate annoying monster is. Like Genki said, it does depend on which class you play the most.

    I think the top runners are (in somewhat of an order):

    1. BloodClan Occultist (the fat goat shielding guys)
    2. Stinging Wasps (Act 2-Beez)
    3. Herald of Pestilence
    4. Savage Beasts (Buffaloes)
    5. Burrowing Leapers (frogs)
    6. Lacunni Stalkers (leaping fireball chuckers)
    7. Fallen Maniacs (Banelings)
    8. Poison Trees
    9. Mallet Lords
    10. Corrupted Angels

    I don't think my Phantoms are even worthy of listing here :( I DON'T CARE! I STILL HATEM!!!!! I do agree with most of the choices though. Being monk, I would like Lacunni Stalkers, Heralds and Act 2-Beez off this list because I make them my [email protected]#$%^es. Otherwise, definitely smashed my desk over every one of these monsters on multiple occasions.

    Should also note that if Act 4 were more popular, almost every one of the monsters in it would be in the top 5 lol. The curses in Act 4 (80% Slow, 75% Healing Reduction, etc) are just mean when they combine. Vortex Jailer Mallet Lord....ugghh.
  • Certain monsters definitely seem more pesky depending on which character I'm playing. Overall, though, I will never harbor love for Heralds of Pestilence. Particularly if they're Plagued as well, and then start stacking their pools.

    Sneaky poison pools of doom - I'll never assume I can stand in any pool again. =(