Monster damage scale per party member?

  • from what I read the only thing that scales is 50% additional monster health per party member, but for some reason I see huge difference in the damage I take on mp7-10 when playing with others comparing to solo. It could be attributed to things having a lot more health or additional lag or something as I heavily rely on freeze to avoid damage I just dont know but damn I rarely die solo even on mp10 where as soon as we have a party of 3+ its suicide fest every other elite.

  • Monster health should be the only thing increasing in Inferno when multiple players join you, Proff. Since the monsters get so much tougher, the amount of damage you see yourself taking might feel like it's increased since baddies have a longer opportunity to harm you.

    When I pair up with my friends, I find myself feeling the same way if my resource management hasn't been tuned for longer fights. The longer the battle lasts, the more resources I'm using and the more damage I'll end up taking over time. You may be experiencing something similar.