Petition to keep Gold Auction House Open

  • Fellow Diablo 3 Gamers, I strongly believe that the Auction House functionality is a massive feature that made Diablo 3 better than any of its predecessors. The ability to play for a few hours as I do have a life & family apart from gaming, find drops and trade it in an environment that is safe and away from scams definitely made me come back to the game. Now with GAH closing, do I need to go back to D2 days and Ctrl + C what I'm selling for hours to sell an item? I think this will actually take me away from proper game play than the current system.

    Let's petition to keep GAH open, who else agrees??? Will Blizzard listen...
  • Petitions aren't really conducive to productive conversation. They tend to devolve into simple yes/no responses with little explanation behind your thoughts. While you're welcome to create a new discussion-oriented thread, bear in mind there are many other established threads on this topic and it's best to participate in existing conversations.

    Also remember to keep our Forum Guidelines in mind when posting in the future. Locking this one up.