Cursed chest/shrine question

  • Unluckily after a couple hours of playing last night before bed I wasn't able to find one of these :(

    I was wondering if the cursed chests (never seen anything about cursed shrines) were always in the same place and just had a random % chance to spawn (like events are now). Or if they were 100% random and all over the place.

    For example my friend found a cursed chest in caves of aranea this morning and text me about it. Will that specific chest/event ONLY spawn in that area or could it spawn anywhere throughout act 1 and the events tied to them are just random when you get one.
  • Cursed events are similar to other events in the game. They do have some degree of randomness, such as where exactly in a dungeon they spawn (if they spawn at all). However, if you do see a Cursed Chest, you won't see that particular event anywhere else in the game.

    I hope you're enjoying them as much as I am! They're one of my favorite new features, I always get excited when I run into one.