Nephalem Valor and Key Wardens

  • In Diablo3, you needed a NV=5 to be able to have a chance to get a key from a Key Warden. Now NV is very limited, i.e. must pick up power globe, and only last for a very short time. Does anyone know what the requirements are now to be able have a chance to get a key?
  • 02/26/2014 01:03 PMPosted by jackpot548
    Your confusing the old NV system with the new Nephalem Glory bonus. You do not need Nephalem Glory to get is all the info you need:

    1) You don't need to do anything special just kill the KWs
    2) Keys only drop on Torment 1 and higher
    3) Key drop rates from the Beta / PTR were as follows (presumably the same now on live)

    Torment I: 25%
    Torment II: 28%
    Torment III: 33%
    Torment IV: 38%
    Torment V: 43%
    Torment VI: 50%

    4) Legacy keys can only be used to make the lvl 60 version of the hellfire ring....different keys drop at level 70 and they can't be crossed

    Just wanted to pop my head in here to verify this information is correct. These are the current requirements and drop rates for Keys (and Hellfire Ring crafting components from the boss fights).