Gold drop showers

  • I wanted to post before the end of the PTR about some positive feedback I have for the game.

    I really like the surprise bursts of gold that you get on occasion from breakable or click-able objects, (barrels, corpses, loose floor tiles). There's something addicting and pleasing about suddenly seeing a shower of gold pop out. Having a bunch of gold piles burst out of a chest or object really feels good, even if each gold pile doesn't have that much in it, and I think the frequency that it happens is in a good place right now.

    Only thing I could suggest to make it even better is to guarantee that burst of gold from resplendent chests, since they're much rarer. But, overall, kudos for putting these little surprises in the game!

    What do you guys and gals think? Does seeing these little gold showers put an unreasonably big smile on your face like it does mine? Do these special gold bursts happen too little or too much in your opinions?
  • I've seen feedback about adding a rain of gold from opening a resplendent chest a few times now, and I plan on passing it along to the developers at our next meeting. Thanks for bringing it up, and for playing on the PTR!