Question regarding difficulty.

  • Do we have to start out on easy, or can we start our new characters out on hard difficulty
  • 17/02/2014 22:19Posted by Nightshade
    17/02/2014 22:13Posted by Zmiff
    From what i read Torment is unlocked at lvl 70 i think.
    it was, but they decided to allow players to play torment difficulty also in vanilla Diablo 3 in one of the last patches of the PTR.

    This is correct. Torment difficulty now unlocks as soon as one of your heroes reach level 60 :-)
  • 18/02/2014 11:05Posted by akse
    Correct if I'm wrong but I believe the one who creates the game determines the monster level. So if lvl 10 player creates the game monsters scale with him etc.

    This is also correct :-)