"Failed to launch D3D"

  • I just tried to launch D3 though the program's launcher and got a dialog box saying "Failed to launch D3D click OK to retry". Since then I have been unable to launch the game at all. There is no error message or dialog box, simply a grey windowed D3 that sits and does nothing. Only closing the Agent.exe and DiabloIII.exe in processes gets rid of it.
  • Bargeoff ,

    How are you connecting your monitor to your PC? Are there any adapters in line with the cable you're using? When dxdiag doesn't show the model, it's often just due to the monitor not being able to "handshake" properly with the video card to tell it what it's capabilities are. I've seen VGA-DVI adapters cause this to happen. You should be using a DVI-DVI cable if at all possible.

    If none of that helps, try setting the game to use windowed mode in the D3Prefs.txt file. You'd have to edit this line

    DisplayModeWindowMode "0"


    DisplayModeWindowMode "1"

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