Enchanting cost for rings and amulets is too high

  • Today I found a leg ring and wanted to reroll one stat on it. But now one enchanting cost 1 royal gem. So i spent almost 1.5 mil on 1 reroll which turned out bad btw. Are you nuts, blizzard? To enchant a good stat on ring or amulet can easily take 10-15 tries and you are still not guaranteed anything.
  • In this kind of situation, it’s important to understand the greater picture about this change. So let me take a moment to explain the design decision behind this.

    There's a trade-off to requiring a Royal Gem when enchanting a Legendary Ring or Amulet. In this case, it's that there is no longer a gold cost for enchanting these slots. This is important to mention because, normally, gold costs scale higher each time you re-enchant an item.

    Say you enchant a Legendary weapon ten times. That gold cost climbs exponentially, from a few hundred thousand to possibly the tens of millions if you hit a particularly unlucky streak of not rolling the affix you desire. The cost for consistently re-rolling a Legendary weapon or Armor piece is effectively on a curve.

    Now, take a Legendary Ring or Amulet. Instead, you have a flat cost every time it's enchanted (one Royal Gem). It's a high initial investment, but will never get more expensive, unlike enchanting other items. This isn't on a curve at all by comparison. In addition, this provides a sink for gems, which we didn’t previously have.

    In both situations, you are gaining additional chances for the affixes you seek in exchange for a gold and resource sink. The approach is just a little different between the two.