Torment 1 legendary Plan

  • turned out to be for a LvL 34 glove. I can only assume that this is a bug, as finding this at max level is for lack of a better term, worthless.

    Pendergrasps -
    1 primary
    1 secondary
    3 random
  • 02/07/2014 07:25 AMPosted by ChangBooster
    It's not a bug. 99.9% of everyone's time will be spent playing a max level character. There is no way to turn down the monsters' levels if you wanted to go back and farm those low level plans because the game scales to the character's level.

    This is basically correct. Lower level legendary item plans dropping in Torment is not a bug.

    I am going to lock this thread now. I am happy to provide these types of clarifications when I can, but I would prefer to avoid discussions about things that aren't bugs.