• @All the D3 Haters///Quit your [email protected]#$%ing....if you don't like the game anymore, or lost interest. or don't get what you want all the time....WHAAAA..SHUT THE #### UP! if you are sick of it simply quit playing the damn game....and get out of the forum all hate it so much. yet you still have the nerve to clog the forums...HMMMM....seems kind of weird....mixed feelings maybe...IDK! I Love the game..1,2,3, and probably the expansion for all the haters out there...shut up and play D3..or simply don't. If you have the time to "chat" on the forum, you have time to play the game..if not..stay off the servers please....Just sayin...This is only the second time I've ever really read the forums....and I honestly kind of got disgusted, it seems there is more hate for the game than love or informational comments about it. On that note....Later Haters...thank you for your time.
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