Paragon 2.0 and "Utility"

  • "Area Damage" - Offensive
    "Resource Reduction"- Offensive / Defensive (mostly Offensive)
    "Life on Hit"- Defensive
    "Gold Find"- Utility

    "Movement Speed"- Core

    Swap "Movement Speed" and "Resource Reduction"

    Remove "Area Damage" and "Life on Hit" from "Utility"
    Add "Gold Pickup Radius" to "Utility"
    Add "Bonus Exp" and "Magic Find" or a suitable replacement to "Utility"

    Add a 5th to Offensive "Area Damage"
    Add a 5th to Defensive "Life on Hit"
    Add a 5th to Core "Resource Regeneration Increase" by percent

    At Paragon 400 you start getting 2 paragon points per level.

    Ok... the point is "Gold Find" is out of place with the other 3. But "Gold Find" actually makes sense in the "Utility" selection.
  • 02/05/2014 03:44 PMPosted by Kalithro
    I don't think the current layout makes any sense with the title "Utility" having abilities that directly impact offense and defense. How is movement speed considered core and not "Utility".

    Paragon 2.0 has definitely undergone some changes throughout the beta/ptr, and giving the names for each tab another pass might be a good idea. I'll be sure to give the feedback in this thread to the developers, and see what they think. Thank you for letting us know what you think about Paragon 2.0, and for playing on the PTR!