RoS Beta

  • So I got into the RoS Beta two weeks ago now or something and I just wanted to give my input.

    Overall, for those who don't want to read, It's an incredible improvement. Could do without the Bind on Account items, but that's kind the only gripe I have.

    Now then, the long explanation.

    Firstly, one of the things that has always driven me nuts is seeing stats that say 1123 DPS. Holy hell that bothers my gaming OCD. And In RoS they actually added in the comma. So it's 1,123 DPS. It's such a small thing but to see that it made me happy. And I'm not being sarcastic at all. It's funny, but it actually bothered me before.

    Secoundly, The new difficulty system. Just perfection. Many of the gripes I've heard about Diablo in General over the years is having to beat the same game three or four times to get to the max level content stuff or whatever. To be honest, I love the Diablo Franchise, It's one of my all time favorites, and it usually doesn't bother me. I get the criticism about it though, and with the new difficulty setting I wanted to try getting to max level in one run through.
    I started my Crusader in Act I on Torment I and it was a bit of a slow start, steep learning curve, but eventually I started moving along. Finished act I at level 28, Act II at level 47, and at that point I got way too excited to play my crusader more so I dropped the difficulty to get to the final act and see the new Lore and what not. But still playing at a lower difficulty and running through mobs I ended the final act at level 68. Two levels in Adventure mode and I was max, One play through. Which brings me to my next point....

    Thirdly, Adventure Mode. What a great addition to this game and franchise. One Gripe I had with Diablo 3 was you could basically only do one act per game created. Which made Achievement Hunting rather annoying sometimes, because I like to hop between things I'm doing.
    Also, In comparison with Diablo 2, I liked running between acts, and way points, and so on. I had circuits I would run hunting for ruins or gems or whatever. Couldn't do that. But now I can And It makes me enjoy the game so much more.
    In conjunction with Adventure mode is the Bounties it gives you. A great idea. Picking five random quests, uniques to kill, or bosses to kill is a perfect Idea. It gives you a purpose to the grind madness. And then the chest reward at the end and a Nephalem Rift.

    Thirdly point Five? 3.5? Nephalem Rifts. These randomly created dungeons with the boss and killing a certain numbers to summon him is amazing. a Fresh take on Dungeon Grinding. My favorite thing I've run into so far (And I have a screenshot for my memories) Was running through a rift with another crusader and coming upon a staircase down onto a rock plateau that had, and i [email protected]#$ you not, 13 Treasure Goblins.
    We both stopped, had a laugh, took some screenshots, said our WTF's, then Falling Sworded in and massacred them. It made my night.

    Fourth. -ly? Crusaders. I was a huge fan of Paladins in Diablo 2. Chargeadin's, Zealadin's, Resistance/Vengeance-adins, Smite-adins and, my favorite of all, Hammerdins. I loved my monk, and still do, but the Crusader is just so much more fun for me. The Versatility to make a ton of different face crushing builds is exciting. I can't express how impressed I am with that class. Although, I would have liked to see a more Zeal-like skill rather than the Zeal rune that's in there now. The attack speed increase isn't too impressive and it can't compare to the 5-shot in a secound power of the Diablo 2 Zealadin.

    Fifth. Removal of the Auction House. Yes, it was a very convienent thing to have, but it took away from the essence of the game: the joy of finally finding that unique or legendary you've been searching for and working so hard to get.
    This causes a small gripe of mine though, Bind on Account items. It isn't in the true essence of Diablo to have this. What I view as the real fun of the game is grinding for the items then going to others and haggling to find the items you need, or having a ton of extra's and finding some lowbies to throw them at. Makes you feel like a god for a bit. This is really my only issue with the game now. Items need to be tradeable. That's really the bottom line. You can screw around with drop rates and the loot system all you want but in the end items need to be able to be traded, you won't get a legendary for your toon every time. We need to be able to trade.

    Sixth. Paragon points. One of my favorite non-blizzard games is Borderlands 2 (Can I say that here?) And their 'Badass' ranks were actually pretty fun to play around with and get that high level and what not. The new paragon levels reminds me of those ranks and gives me the same feeling. Great job.

    And my last thing is the Enchantress. The Transmog is actually surprisingly satisfying. I didn't know that I needed my Crusader's armour to match so perfectly until I realised I could do it. And the Enchanting function is perfect as is. Gives an opportunity to re roll one stat, and only that stat, as many times as you have the materials. Works for me.

    In short, I wanted to make this post to let you guys know you're doing a good job. After reading so much of the crap that gets put on here of people %^-*!ing or criticising the game had to let you know that there's players out here who like the game and will play it without complaint.

    This is the first time I've ever posted on any of the blizzard forums because I've always enjoyed Blizzard games. I also have Diablo I for PS1, Starcraft 64 and Warcraft II for PS1. Great games to play on the old consoles. The friendly fire in Diablo I is still a fun thing to piss people off with. But I've never had a reason to come here. The majority of happy players don't feel the need to come here, only those that want to complain.

    Anyways, Good work, keep it up, Can't wait until RoS goes Live. And make a @#$%^-* Feat of Strength for getting a Crusader to max level in Beta. All I've got are Screenshots as proof.
  • This is a great 1st impression summary, an amazing first post, and a big thanks from us for putting it all together. Personally, I was a little surprised at how much time I spent at the Mystic looking through Transmogrify options too, but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it as well. We look forward to seeing you in Reaper of Souls, and be sure to let us know if find something you want to leave feedback about.