How to contact Blizzard?

  • Email, phone number, mailing address? I need to nag and vent to a blizzard headquarters employer about Diablo 3. Blues on these forums are desensitized since they get constant barrage of complaints. I need another avenue to express myself. Not buying expansion is not enough for me. I need to do more to get my anger off my chest. What are all the different ways to contact Blizzard headquarters?
  • ItchyFingers, although we appreciate your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts here with us about the game, please understand that not every channel of communication that we offer is going to be an appropriate way to express your opinion about gameplay elements.

    Although the Devs do not respond to every post that is made, that doesn't mean that they are not 'listening'. With that said, if you have a specific customer support related issue, you are welcome to reach out to us via the following portal:

    Thank you for your understanding, this thread will now be locked.