No Enchanting of D3 items !! Is that True?

  • I have read some blue posts dated 4th Feb on the forums stating that anything that was acquired before patch 2.0.1 will be useless as they will not be allowed for enchanting.

    Hey Blizz, hear me out: If this is going to happen what do you expect us to do with our current gears? Should we stick'em up our @#!!@........ Well, a fresh start would also be OK if you did not remove the gold AH at least (actually I have always been against the RMAH as it was not fair for people who couldn't pay for good items). Your decesion on removing the gold AH and making everything BoA was so disturbing for me as I never have too much time on farming the same maps over and over thousands of time again. Furthermore, I really had enjoyed the exitement on trying to win a bid for a desired item. Now you are taking all these one step further and saying us that the items we have now are just going to be trash. Sorry to hear that as this will definetely kill the game for players* like me.

    * I am a diablo fan since it 1st hit our PCs back in 1996. Than came the D2 in 2000 and LoD which all 3 of these were fantastic games for us. Then we had to wait for ~12 years for you to introduce the D3 which had tons of problems in it. Now instead of solving these issues you are just killing the D3 and trying to sell a "new" game. PEH, if thats gonna be the case... shame on you and so long guys.

    PS: I realize that the soul of the game is actually playing it, but I'm 40 years old now with 2 kids so do not have time to play 100 hrs per week :)) In that sense the gAH was a wonder for me as I could upgrade my chars by winning good bids. Who would want to play a feeble char anyway!
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