Looking forward to the new expansion...

  • Hello players and Devs,

    I am a relatively new player to the game in the sense I have been playing on and off for about a year and a bit.More so in the last month or so. Current main is a 60 (27 para I think lol) Monk. Really excited about the Crusader class and am looking forward to sending those demons back to Hell in true Holy Light style.

    I have noticed lots of QQ on the forums about this and that mainly end game issues, and also some VERY good ideas with regards to potential longevity / play style systems and options. Personally I would love to see some valid PVP options introduced whether it be game invasion style like Dark Souls or maybe even some kind of battle grounds / arena's with score tables to sign up for for when the end game content gets old. Some people even suggested some really good PvPvE options too. I really do hope the Blizzard Development team pay attention to your players and start working on implementing some of these ideas or at least let your player base know if you are even considering implementing them so as to put minds at ease. I for one and many, many other players out there really enjoy your game's content and story lines and respect the effort it takes to design and build a game. But please also keep in mind that we have to fork out our hard earned cash to buy the game so I would really appreciate it if you take the time to consider this as I would hate to see the player base dwindle to a handful of players in just a few weeks because you didn't listen to the people that ultimately make the game a success....your PLAYERS.
    I for one will never get bored of sending demons straight back to hell. Good bye AH woop but please consider allowing players to trade Legends without limit to team or time
  • 05/02/2014 12:06Posted by Rydz
    Would love to hear the opinion of a Dev to my post ...if your out there !!!!

    Well, I am not a developer, but I can still point you to a recent interview where Wyatt Cheng answered a question about PvP in Diablo III. He talks about the challenges of developing and balancing PvP in a game where gear and skills are aimed at making players feel increasingly powerful in PvE.

    As mentioned previously in another thread on the topic of competitive multiplayer ideas, this is a topic we are quite interested in, so please don't hold back posting if you have feedback or ideas you would like to share :-)