Siegebreaker RD too high

  • I have been playing a lot of Act 3 lately; meaning, I am doing full Act 3 runs from start to finish. One of the biggest things I have noticed is the amount of Reflect Damage that the SiegeBreaker does. It seems way too high compared to any other monster that does RD. I mean, I know he is a boss and all but it seems way too high.

    This is on Master Difficulty, with a lvl 60 wizard, on the PTR NOT BETA.

    I only bring it up as a bug because I have no other issues running through Master difficulty, except when I fight SiegeBreaker. RD destroys me every time.
  • We recently identified an issue in 2.0.1 PTR/RoS Beta that inflated damage done by reflects damage effects in an unintended way. We have a fix in place internally now, and you guys should see the effects of this change in the next PTR/Beta patch.

    Thanks for the reports so far. Be sure to keep testing this after the patch (coming soon) and let us know how it feels.