I got nominated :)

  • Hey everyone,
    I was surprised to learn that I was nominated for the Stream Awards - Favorite Diablo III Stream by Twitch.TV and Blizzard,and I just wanted to thank my friends and viewers that join my life on sanctuary every day on stream and to Blizzard that showed that my efforts and enthusiasm for this wonderful game were not unnoticed,and granted me with this honor.

    If you never heard of me then now is your chance,you're all invited to our nice community on twitch at:


    And if you would like to show some support it would be great if you vote for me here:

    And yes,I know I have no chance of winning against some well established communities on Twitch,but my prize is beeing on that list,for the recognition for my dedication and devotion for this game and for the help I offer for the community.I will take the first place next year :)

    Thank you :)
  • 01/02/2014 19:51Posted by Moses
    my prize is beeing on that list,for the recognition for my dedication and devotion for this game and for the help I offer for the community

    You certainly deserve it. Both your stream and your YouTube channel are great :-)
  • 02/02/2014 15:46Posted by Deimar
    it appears that blizzard dont care about eu community and common players

    02/02/2014 15:46Posted by Deimar
    they dont care about our feedbacks at all

    This is just not true, and there is absolutely no need or use for misinformed and toxic posts like this!

    It is frankly hurtful as well as annoying to read posts like this, so I have to ask you to please stop posting on these forums if you truly believe that we do not care about the EU community as well as regular players.

    You are more than welcome to share your criticisms and concerns about Diablo III or Blizzard as a company, but if you can't be objective about it and provide constructive feedback, then we might need to reassess your ability to post on these forums in favour of those who do know how to post constructively!
  • 03/02/2014 17:05Posted by Jimmy
    Threatening to ban a person because he expressed his opinion? Really, mate?

    I am certainly not threatening to ban anyone for expressing their opinions, I am however warning people who refuse to post constructively. I hope you can see the difference!

    03/02/2014 17:44Posted by Prokito
    I am done posting then

    If you have no intention to post constructively on these forums, then I think you made the right decision!

    03/02/2014 17:50Posted by Deimar
    before threatening, check your last message before today, it was 10 days old.

    Irrelevant! Your ability to conduct yourself in a civilized manner is entirely your own responsibility.

    You are not required to like the game and you are not required to like the way that we do things, but you are required to be civil and constructive when posting on these forums.

    We will gladly read posts full of criticism and concerns, in fact we encourage you to post why you don't like something when you are unhappy about said something, but we will remove you from our forums if you are not able to post your feedback without rants, hyperbole, sweeping statements, and other such confrontational and toxic behaviour.

    It all boils down to this: Post constructively, or don't post at all!

    03/02/2014 20:53Posted by Fean
    Firstly this is a thread by Moses thanking people.

    Very true. I apologise that the thread got derailed, that was not my intention. Let's get back on topic :-)