Maghda is Dropping DE's at Level 70

  • Level 70 Maghda is dropping Demonic Essences in Expert difficulty at level 70 (just got one from her.) This encounter was in her bounty-quest form.

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  • I'm seeking clarification now on weather this is actually a bug or not. At 70, I am leaning towards this not being intended, but I'll find out and let you guys know.
  • Confirmed, this isn't intended.

    Luckily, this has already been resolved internally and should no longer be occurring in the next beta patch.
  • 01/31/2014 01:04 PMPosted by Hinnyu
    Any word on whether this is related at all to legendary material drops, or whether the two are separate issues?

    It's possible that these erroneous Demonic Essences could be pushing the other items off of the loot table, but that's just an educated guess. For what its worth, there have been a lot of tweaks to the acquisition rates of crafting materials across the board, and you should see these in the next patch. Even if its totally broken in beta right now, at this point that build of the game is so old and changes are being made so rapidly that it isn't a huge concern.