Character Level

  • So I have a monk para100 inferno. My other chars are 60 para1 and left them in hell. I just wanted to level them before ros. Does it matter i have not reached or completed inferno with the other chars for ros?
  • It won't matter that you have not completed Inferno with your other characters in Reaper of Souls. Each character will have their own progress through Campaign mode regardless of the difficulty you're on, but once you unlock Adventure mode (by completing Campaign mode with at least one character) it will be available for all of your characters, even new ones.
  • 01/30/2014 11:22 AMPosted by Pereg
    So play existing character first through A5 and complete, then level a new Crusader strictly through adventure mode if desired.

    That's how I plan on playing my Crusader! I'm looking forward to the trials and tribulations of jumping into Nephalem Rifts while leveling. I think this system will really shine in Hardcore, too.