[bug] Cold Damage on weapons

  • Cold Damage on weapons is not applying a snare like it is suppose to.
  • Hi Morogoth,

    We are aware that cold damage on weapons is not causing a snare effect currently. For the moment, this is considered to be intended and is not a bug. General balancing of item effects is still ongoing so this definitely could change, but for now this is intended.
  • Hi Guys,

    While I appreciate the comments, this is not the forum for discussions on balance. I like to be able to provide answers to questions and alleviate confusion about changes where possible here in the bug report forums, but I do not do so to spark off-topic discussion. That said, I think that the feedback provided here has value, so in the interest of it getting to where it needs to go, I am going to go ahead and move this thread to the 2.0.1 Feedback Forum.

    Thanks a lot for the reports and thoughts guys, and keep 'em coming (in the right areas, of course :D).