So basically it's still impossible to get a full green set

  • Even with the new hotfix drop rates. Like a 4-5 piece full green set. Just forget about it. Just a pipe dream. Never going to happen, unless you want to farm 20 hours a day, even then it's still somewhat absurd. By the time you self find 2 full 4-5 piece green sets for one class: Diablo 4 will be out.

    Correct me if I am wrong? I was in the ROS beta from the DAY in entered the closed phase. I have NEVER... I repeat... NEVER GOTTEN A SINGLE level 70 green item. Even with the latest hotfix, I have gotten none.
  • 01/28/2014 05:29 AMPosted by Hinnyu
    There is a difference between "these are my results" and " I'm not getting anything, therefore the system is broken!". One is a call for data and constructive feedback, the other is a narrow-sighted rant. It's our responsibility as beta testers to keep an appropriate perspective and look at things in a big-picture way, not narrowly out of our own little view. The phrasing of people's feedback and criticism is very important in determining its efficacy. Anecdotes can spark an investigation, but throwing them around like rocks and crying broken systems isn't constructive.

    This is pretty on point. I'm locking this because of the way conversation has progressed, and the topic was approached from a hostile position from the get-go.

    Constructive feedback in this forum is highly valued. Non-constructive, combative back-and-forth that ignores all attempts to have civil conversation and refutes any offered assistance is not and will be moderated appropriately.