"lol, that's the last thing i'd ever do" p300

  • 82nd paragon 100 demon hunter in north america, 239 in the world


    took me 7884 elite kills, with ruby and hellfire most of the way.i used a calamity to about p12, then a manticore until about p25. rest is allllllll windforce baby (208k dps with a windforce :D)

    When i first came to HC, it was with an old friend of mine. after 400 hours in softcore, me on demon hunter, and him on barb, we made HC characters. he asked me "so man you gonna make a DH?". my reply was the title to this thread XD. my softcore DH still has some gear on him if youd like to see how awful my early attempts at understanding this game were, and i knew id never keep one alive in HC. no way, i die every game.
    found it kind of fitting that this actually was the last thing i did in HC :P.

    i figured since DH is considered to be the "least gear dependant", it would give me the most freedom to build something on instinct, rather than just looking at the top builds. i KNEW as a legacy nats DH that i ran out of discipline a lot, and when i did i died hard. thats never gonna work, so i ended up making one that doesnt rely on it. not saying its better than anything, but it did work best for me. ( i get my healing through a combo of brooding and lifesteal)
    ive never once run out of discipline. with calm, careful, collected timing i have enough disc (only the base of 30) for about 4 vaults and a smokescreen. most ive ever used was SS and 3 vaults haha.

    red screened several times, once to reflect i was being lazy with, once to an mp9 molten explosion, and a few general poorly timed moments haha. so i see why lots of demon hunters die, youve gotta be quick.

    thought id explain my build in case anyone is curious. works awesome with windforce and i tried to get all my attacks working together
    -bolas- love the stun. knockback doesnt affect champs, so they become stunned in place. blue elites get knocked back, but you can juggle them against a wall pretty easily (+stun). the stun also makes KB slightly less annoying in parties (it doesnt, but i pretend it does)

    ball lightning- i get so much heat for BL (not from demon hunters though :P). heres the thing. its got like 15 yards radius, and it moves slow. so its amazing for lifesteal. its constantly moving and collecting hp for me. the damage isnt great, but im using windforce, so when it knocks back, it hits 3-5 times instead of 1-2

    smokescreen- it breaks freeze :P, emergency use mostly. i got really good at keeping my hand poised for a sudden vortex into wtfbbq elite mods

    echoing blast traps - these rule against single targets, with bolas keeping elites stunned, i just mass stack these underneath and watch them die :P

    bat companion - 2 hatred spenders requires more hatred to spam. can use boar on mp8+

    vault - movement, why are you even reading this one? :P

    brooding - if you get like 80k health and decent ehp (im at 85.7% mitigation not counting 11% melee reduction), brooding actually cuts down on a lot of the standard damage, meaning you'll only need to watch out for bad stuff like arcane, stacked plague, etc.
    the other two are obvious passives, damage and ehp haha.

    why not use rapid fire?
    ffs its a windforce :P.

    lastly, would like to thank a few people for their help. met some great people in pubs, cloudysky especially (saved me once im almost positive! i dc'd a couple times due to the new bnet app, under control now :P), edudora and i met up again, skyrush (your special crypt runs were so awesome bro!), cutezy (saved me too! game freeze near trees ). awesome guys :D
    rav1n, glad we finally played together, was a blast running with you man. you always gave me confidence in DH. "na man, we can run mp8". lol did we ever XD.
    veepow- man this guy is awesome, one of my favorite players and a great friend. he saved me from a bnet app downloading DC lol. apperently i was down to 5% health for a good 10 seconds, got out just in time. i assumed i was dead, had accepted it. he also got me into DH again lol. it was him using innas, brooding and windforce (which i loved, structured my dh around that), we ran act 2 quite a bit. i never went in there after i saw him, SK and fury die. caldeum took my friends from me lol
    action kung fu- haha i learned a lot just shooting the breeze with you. glad we were able to play together towards the end. he uses a different build every time i play with him lol. i like to think im a pretty great demon hunter after all this, but i aint even in this guys league lol.

    so yeah, if i forgot something or someone, im sorry haha.

    keep yer stick on the ice

  • Congrats, Isolation! That's a pretty dang impressive feat in my book, but I'd never doubt for a second that someone with as much experience as you have could do it.