Number of affixes on Elite monsters

  • So I've been farming keep depths in HC from level 32 in both Hard and Expert difficulties, depending on my gear.

    Elite monsters on Hard always had 3 affixes, and 4 on Expert.

    But a few minutes ago I ran into a rare monster with 4 affixes while being on Hard. The following champions had only 3, and the next two champion packs had 4 again.

    Not sure if it's a bug, some people on general suggested it might be because of my level (59 atm), but it seems weird to me. I took a screenshot if needed (although I don't even know where to find it hah).
  • This is actually not a bug as this is no longer tied just to difficulty. You will be introduced to a more diverse group of affixes, as well as a higher number of affixes per elite pack as you level. The high 50s is right about the time you are supposed to start seeing elites with 4 affixes.

    Thanks for the report though!