Low lvl Blacksmith plans bug

  • I had a low level blacksmith plan drop on my 60 wizard master difficulty. this is the Born's defiance set.

    So I was playing in act 3 last night doing a key run and I had the green beam appear. I was super excited because it turned out to be my first blacksmith Leg/set plan. so I went back to town and taught it to the blacksmith and could not find it on his list. I had to turn the sorter to show all. that is when I found out that it was a lvl 21 set.

    This really upset me cause I have no use for a lvl 21 set. I even made the sword and hoping smart crafting would make it my lvl and nope lvl 21 sword. I hope this is a bug cause it is hard enough to find plans like this then to have them turn out to me low level is just frustrating. I hope this helps I can take screen shots if you like.

    EDIT: Sorry wanted to add something about transmog.
    So not being in the beta you still get the graffic saying you learned a new transmog how ever as it relates to the blacksmith plans you only learn the transmog when the item is crafted. I hope this is a bug and that you learn the transmog just by learning the plan cause it is expensive to craft this stuff and I think it would be really bad for the game if in order to learn the transmog of crafted items you have to craft every single item even though you might not use it.

    Let us learn the Transmog graffic when we teach it to the Blacksmith.
  • This isn't a bug, strictly speaking. Some of these low level plans have their own intrinsic value past being able to be immediately equipped by your current character.

    We do appreciate the feedback though, so I am going to go ahead and move this over to the PTR feedback forum where it will seen by the appropriate people.