Legacy Maximus not proccing on follower

  • My enchantress has a Maximus. I took her from Keep Depths level 1 through Ghom and the demon never appeared once. On live I can count on the demon being summoned at least once in every encounter.
  • Hi Guys,

    For those of you experiencing this issue, have you tried unequipping/re-equipping the sword from your follower? Does that change this behavior at all?

    If you are no longer experiencing this, had your follower been using the sword on live servers and was copied over with it? Had you unequipped and re-equipped the sword since copying your character?

    We've seen a few reports of this, but haven't had much luck reproducing it internally with either a Maximus obtained pre-2.0.1, or a newly obtained maximus. Any further info you can provide would be great.