Error Code 300007

  • I am having issues logging into Beta. I keep getting the 300007 error at the 3rd step "Retrieving Hero List"

    I got the Beta Invite, I have been playing Beta just fine until 1/14/2014 at around 10pm. I was just online 1 hour before that.

    I have followed the same steps in this post, I have power cycled my modem, renewed ip address, flushed dns, I am cabled directly to modem, and I have run the trace and pathping. Packets are being lost on your end btw. I have posted the results in my ticket.

    I was told that it could be a version issue and to try uninstalling and reinstalling. Did that, didn't fix it.

    I can login to Live just fine and I can get into PTR on my secondary account. I was on Live Chat and they also tried logging into my account from their computers and they got the same error so we know its nothing on my end.

    I just really want to play Beta and its been a week and have not had any sort of resolution on this. Please help.
  • Hi DMORI,

    I've been discussing your issue with some of our engineers and we have a fix in place that will take effect within the next several hours that should resolve this for you.

    You may notice that some saved settings are reset when you log in, but other than that, you should be good to go once this work is complete.

    Thanks for your patience in this! While it's frustrating to be stuck outside the game, this is exactly why we have betas and your report is very much appreciated. Please feel free to toss up a post tomorrow and let us know if you were able to get onto your account and play.
  • Excellent, glad to hear it.