MVP's speaking there minds!

  • A long but a good read, also some blue response:
  • 23/01/2014 12:10Posted by D3MON
    With the response from Travis Day, i think it concludes that they do listen and maybe the points that were made were good enough to be responded to by the game designer himself.

    We do indeed listen, and I certainly hope the response from Travis Day will be seen as us acknowledging feedback and not dismissing it.

    23/01/2014 12:36Posted by Babymaker
    But with all the negatives? something should change faster than light...

    It is not that simple I'm afraid. If you rush things, then there is a very real risk that you will merely replace one negative with another negative instead of replacing the negative with a positive. Also, it is not always clear if a negative is actually a source or a symptom, which can make addressing negatives a tricky affair.