"GM" Threatening to suspend my Account.

  • Caz
    [GM02] whispers: [Game Master]GM: Hi Blizzard Entertainment notifies you.(Abnormal account)! please visit:*****. sure that you are the original owner of the account. Or the system will suspend your account
    I got this message not 5 mins ago while playing on Hardcore with my friend. I know it's fake because the link is not even Blizzard related. I didn't click on it for obvious reasons. I just want an official to verify that it is indeed faulty.

    Players that I was playing with. I occasionally play with alexander but toxins and Suasponte were new.
  • That is indeed a faulty or fake link, and you were wise not to click it. I've removed it from your post.

    Thank you for the report, and as a reminder, I would recommend taking these steps to make sure your system is secure.
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