Good review by RTG on current RoS

  • I think I've seen all of our Sibcoe's videos at this point, and I enjoy them quite a bit. He does a great job communicating how the game feels to him, while also providing much appreciated context by defining what he likes vs. what he doesn't.

    His feedback is certainly not the only we've seen, though -- so for those of you who have been writing posts about your experiences on the PTR or beta (lengthy or short), sharing videos online, or even tweeting us, know that we're listening, and that we've been making sure it all gets to the developers. Keep it up if you're keen; if not, that's cool too. We're thankful for any and all feedback you've given us.
  • 01/22/2014 11:56 AMPosted by Technoviking
    Were you around these forums when they introduced the poor attempt at dev communication/transparency titled "Ask the Devs"? What an utter crock of garbage!

    I take personal responsibility for that particular program not panning out. Please don't use it as evidence as community managers or developers not caring, but of my individual failure in making sure we had the right resources to keep everything running. It was an experiment, sure, but one that still could have been handled better.