Rift Guardians are not rewarding

  • Well, I've been running rifts last couple hours into the new patch and it just seems that Rift Guardians are a huge time sink. Lets compare Elite packs vs Rift Guardians for a second:

    Elite pack:

    HP: 160-170mil on Torment 1
    Danger: High (Depends on affixes and number of minions)
    Loot: 1-2 Rares + Death Bread with chance for a legendary and maybe gems
    Kill time: 10-15 sec with 700k unbuff DPS on my Barb

    Rift Guardian
    HP: 1.2bil on Torment 1
    Danger: Low to Mid
    Loot: 3 rares + bunch of mats and gems with unknown chance of legendary
    Kill time: 2-3 min

    Do you see where I'm getting? Why should I bother to waste my time to kill a Guardian, when all it drops is 3 rares and bunch of crafting materials you can obtain by killing white mobs, elite packs and open chests.
    I can kill 5-6 elite packs, which pose a lot more danger to me and have higher chances to get a legendary item from them in the same amount of time that it takes me to kill the Guardian.

    I don't know what the possible solutions are, but I have a few:

    1. Reduce their HP altogether
    2. Increase legendary drop rates on them from 0.000001% to at least 0.5%, so it's actually worth doing them.
    3. Do both and allow Orek to give shards as rewards again.
  • Thanks for taking the time to put together this feedback on Rift Guardians, silentkiller. I've seen several threads on Rift rewards, and I'll be keeping an eye out for more. I can see where the concern is coming from after having completed a few Rifts, but I'd like to complete more of them to get a better understanding.

    I hope to see more players share detailed summaries of their experiences with Rifts. Having several collaborating threads with good anecdotal evidence goes a long way to highlighting why players feel the way they do. Please keep posting your feedback, and we'll be sure to pass it along. Thanks, everyone!