• "Akkhan searched far and wide for warriors of unparalleled strength, for believers who burned with an inner Light that was blinding to behold. He made them, these men and women whom fate pulled to his side like iron to the Lodestone, into Crusaders."-

    Book of Tyrael

    The Book of Tyrael goes on to say:

    It is important to note that members of this order(Crusaders), were not Paladins. Akkhan specifically avoided calling on those individuals because he saw them as a product of the Church's errant ways. No, Crusaders were a different breed of holy warrior. Resourceful and resilient, they were trained to wield powers unlike any before.
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    Also, what are the Origins of the Light? What is the "Light" from the High Heavens, and where does it come from?

    I covered a little bit about the Light and the tenants of the Zakarum faith a bit earlier today, but I'll rephrase so it more applies to your questions.

    The following is covered in The Book of Cain. When Sanctuary's universe was first created, there was but one being: The One or Anu. Anu warred with himself, and eventually cast out his darkness, forming the beast Tathamet. These two aspects battled for centuries, and when they finally both perished, their remains formed what we know of as the High Heavens and the Burning Hells.

    The remains of Anu leaked forth the Light which formed into Angels and the High Heavens. This Light currently emanates from the Crystal Arch (which is said to be the backbone of Anu, as someone mentioned above).

    The Light that the Zakarum refers to, however, refers to the Light that exists within each human. This could be referencing as far back as the origin of Sanctuary, in which case the Light could be the remnants of the angelic bloodlines that helped create the original nephalem. It's a bit open to interpretation at this point, as is common with most faiths, fictitious or otherwise. =)