Any other 1 toon level 100 Paragon players feel screwed

  • Assuming Lylirra's post is true ( ) that means people like myself ( and Moldran ) get screwed for not blindly leveling characters to 60 ( plus paragon ). To be honest i have no interest in leveling other characters I'm not interested. I think we should just start at whatever paragon level is our highest, rather than combined across characters.

    That or we can base it off how many monsters and elites we've killed on our account rather than actual experience ( at least at first ).

    IDK. I really don't wanna re-roll new chars.
  • We plan on sharing more information in the coming weeks about Paragon 2.0, but not everything about it has been finalized. We'll make sure that everyone's concerns are brought up, though, and we'll let you know more about how experience will transfer from the current system as soon as we're able to.