Covetous Shen Quest - Is it still bugged?

  • First off I had the quest bug on me once for sure, where I ran too fast and the part where he falls through the floor never triggered. That bug made it so when I made it to the boss, he was just immune to me attacking him.

    However! Going slower, I was able to have the quest trigger and I fought the monster. After he dies Covetous Shen walks up to the other NPC and they talk for a little bit and then nothing happens. They just stare at each other forever, it really seems a bit odd. I didn't get a notification that the quest is done or anything, they just talk... and then nothing. They stare at each other forever.

    Also I am sure this is a known bug, but the boss has a rather odd name still. "Jeweler Bad Dude" But I assume that's just placeholder still :)
  • This side quest is actually still broken. It was unintentionally removed from the known issues list, but that's been corrected. Sorry about that!

    We do hope to have this resolved in the next Closed Beta patch, however.