Why we Struggling with 1-10 billion damages

  • I am really wondering till the start from the original daiblo3; why we struggling with the number like 1000000-10000000? I cant even really read much of them while in combat. 1000-10000 maybe acceptable but theese high numbers are meaningless. there is not much to say about it but its sick. are they (blizzard) think that its fun to see that realy high numbers? is it must be satisfying? no its not....
  • Quite a lot of good feedback in this thread so far, thanks for that guys :-)

    The concern about large numbers in RoS, both in regards to damage as well as health pools, is one that has been brought up before and this is also a topic we are looking for more feedback on.

    To those of you who are concerned about large damage numbers, could you tell us a little more about what kind of damage values you would like to see in game? Also, what would you consider a decent progression of your character's damage output?

    To those of you who are concerned about large health pools (especially on the higher difficulties), could you tell us more about the kind of health pools you would expect to see in said difficulties? And how do you think those health pools should correlate with your charaters damage output?

    Lastly, what is your opinion on torment difficulty in regards to damage and health pool numbers in general? Besides increased health pools/damage of monsters, what do you think should set the higher difficulties apart from the lower ones?