are blizz even listening?

  • because of the latest datamined info it doesnt seem like it at all...

    i know its just datamine but still it gives us something to look at about what they are thinking and doing

    way to work backward blizz...

    having doubts about this game

    anyways yeaa my 2cent on the new datamine stuff.
  • Could you be more specific? Unfortunately, right now, I have no idea what you're actually referencing (beyond upcoming PTR/Beta changes). =/

    Which upcoming changes do you not like?
  • 01/15/2014 05:13 PMPosted by cheese
    mostly the wd nerfs

    Thanks for the follow up! Though it never feels great to see numbers go down, we felt (as well as other players who tested out the WD on Beta and PTR) that the class was a little overturned in the previous PTR/Beta build. This was especially evident in group play. So, we're toning a lot of skills down and will see how that plays out in the next PTR/Beta build. If you're willing to hop on the PTR once the new patch is live and provide us your thoughts, that would definitely be appreciated.

    On that note actually, it's really important to keep in mind that PTR and Beta patches are in no way final and that we're still tuning, tweaking, and adjusting a lot of skill values. We expect that we'll need to make some more changes once this next patch is out and you all get the opportunity to test and share feedback.
  • 01/16/2014 02:19 PMPosted by EvoIution
    for the record there is a few of us that are die hard witch doctor players, we have put together numerous topics with idea and disccsions vs the new changes.

    I can actually provide a little more insight on these particular changes.

    As we transitioned from the Friends & Family to Closed Beta, all abilities from each class were highly overtuned. Over time, we whittled away at the numbers, and these passes were made by class. This is pretty par for the course in how we approach tuning. The Witch Doctor was the last one we addressed, and that happened to land at a time when we could provide the most detailed patch notes (i.e., these ones).

    So no, we don't hate Witch Doctors! They were just next up for a tuning pass and the timing wasn't great in terms of communicating these changes.

    Definitely going to go dig through those feedback posts though. Nom nom nom, feedback!
  • 01/17/2014 03:23 AMPosted by TastySouP
    What about the demon hunter posts? Could you at least say yes or no so we at least know we aren't getting ignored, because it definitely seems that way.

    Between all of us, we go through all the class forums (and other forums too) for feedback, paying particular attention to threads that are well-formatted and constructive. I try to tackle as much as I can myself, but sometimes I do miss things. That's why we work as a team. =) Grimiku, Vaeflare, and Lylirra all help me catch things I might not have seen otherwise.

    No class is being ignored or unheard. Not every change that's asked for will be implemented, of course, but we are here to listen, report, and discuss your feedback with development. Think of us as your liaisons - we pass on as much of your thoughts as we can and make sure your voice is being represented and recognized.
  • 01/17/2014 12:17 PMPosted by Raticus79
    Disabling the mechanic on this one item creates some inconsistency. I didn't find it caused much visual clutter.

    I actually commented on this on Reddit, and hadn't seen a thread here to post about it yet. Let me copy-pasta my answer from there, as I think it might provide more insight regarding this change:

    As the individual who wrote this patch note, it may be that I made a poor choice of words. There's a more technical term for what's going on here, but it was basically producing too much process spam. I intended the notes to be easy for the average, non-programming oriented individual (including myself) to understand the change and reasoning behind it, so I substituted terms and may have misconstrued the intent as a result.

    I apologize if this wasn't communicated well. You can land that blame on me.
  • 01/17/2014 01:15 PMPosted by Raticus79
    I think "well formatted" might have been referring to using a structured, easy-to-read writing style as opposed to giant walls of text. Sections, points and supporting arguments. Lists and short paragraphs, etc.

    This is more what I meant. Well-formed would be an appropriate word substitute too.

    In general, "This is bad" or "I don't like this" is not good feedback. It doesn't tell us what you feel is problematic, what is causing your distaste, or what you'd like to see us to do to address it. If we made a change, there was a reason behind it, and while we do our best to communicate those reasons when we can, there's so many changes that happen that we're not always able to do so proactively.

    Something more like, "I don't like this change, and here is why. This is how it changed how or why I play the game," is much more useful. Bullet points help, too. I like those.

    01/17/2014 01:44 PMPosted by Lyth
    Why wouldn't you do this Blizz ?

    Polls are extremely subjective, and like many things, usually only reach a small number of players. E-mails are like this. Surveys are like this. Reddit, social media, and the official forums are like this too. This is why part of our jobs as Community Managers is to reach out to as many places as possible for feedback, so that we get the widest, largest variety of data. It's also why you see us using as many mediums as we can for the Design a Legendary project - so that everyone gets to play a part.