Clever use of game mechanics? (1 shotting Ubers)

  • I've found something on PTR that let's me 1 shot Ubers on my Wizard, there's really not even much to it, just a combination of skills/runes/passives and decent gear.

    I'll give 1 hint, one piece of the puzzle for this is a rune from the Wave of Force skill.

    I've found so much ridiculous stuff on PTR that I don't understand how everyone is so awfully quiet about these things? or are they really not that obvious?

    So many players are rushing to get Paragon XP on live for that small edge, well if you want an edge, play around on PTR and discover a thing or two, if anything that will give an edge.


    Here's the build:

    Familiar - Sparkflint
    Wave of Force - Arcane Attunement
    Frost Nova - Bone Chill
    Magic Weapon - Force Weapon
    Archon - Arcane Destruction
    Slow Time - Time Warp


    Glass Cannon
    Cold Blooded
    Unwavering Will (in RoS, lvl 64 skill)
    Audacity (in RoS, lvl 66 skill)


    Stack as much crit damage, % Arcane skills damage and pure damage gear possible and hope for a crit, spend paragon points on int and crit damage etc.

    How to:

    Buff up, find as much Monsters possible and use Wave of Force for as big of a buff you can get (don't lose the buff by attacking again), Cemetery of the Forsaken is fairly packed most of the time even after the monster density nerf.

    Once you managed to get a big Wave of Force buff, teleport/waypoint to New Tristram and Frost Nova the wooden door to Heretic's Adobe.

    Get near the Bosses, place Slow Time onto them, use Frost Nova and then Activate Archon for it's explosion rune that will consume and use the Wave of Force buff, depending on gear and crit Ubers can be 1 shot.

    If not, there's still Archon form to finish the job with, just don't try it on Siegebreaker :)

    Ofcourse this would work on regular Bosses aswell.

    All this would be even more viable with certain Legendary affixes, Set bonuses and 4th passive skill, or by even playing in group for all kinds of extra damage increasing buffs and debuffs on Monsters from other Classes/builds.
  • We're going to open up the Torment difficulty for level 60 players in the next PTR patch, and I'm curious how this combo works on that setting. Be sure to update us when you find out.