Frequent game crash

  • When I play RoS beta,my game crashes frequently.
    Usualy it happens about twice an hour,most of the time when I'm doing rifts.
    I always get game crash when I play act 5 at some point.
    I probably never completed bounties on act 5 because always at some point my game will crash - I don't play any act 5 at all as a result.Every once in a week since I got the invite I try but still it is the same situation and the game crashes at some point so I stop again for a week or so and try again.
    I never had that problem with D3 live servers.
    Also I think it has a lot to do with the battle net app. I want to start RoS beta without starting the battle net app but it is not seem to be possible.When the app works in the background it slows down my computer severly... I cannot run other windows and everything takes long duration to load,(windows like Twitch or D3 armoury or Google mail or Facebook or youtube)
    Several times I get screen freezes for a few 5-15 seconds and then either the game crashes or I die because monsters kill me but at least I can continue to play.

    I tried submitting a ticket providing msinfo and dxdig files but they reffered me back here.
    Please help.
  • Hi Moses, what I'd do first is uninstall the app, and then delete these files.
    Then I'd reinstall the app, and see how it goes.

    If that doesn't help, I would boot into a Selective Startup, and see if that helps.
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