Hellfire Ring and Staff Of Herding in RoS?

  • I'm wondering, and this question might have been asked before but i couldn't find it.

    Will the hellfire ring be useless at level 60+ in RoS or maybe just to level up characters from level 1 or to level some paragon? because with the improved legendary items i can't see the value in it anymore

    Or will the hellfire ring also be improved in RoS like other legendary items. + will we still be able to get a hellfire ring on RoS from the ubers? and if so, on what difficulty since inferno will be no more.
    The same basicly goes for the staff or herding. If you have the infernal staff will this turn into the master staff and you need to buy a torment staff or will the entire level/staff be gone in RoS?

    And my last point, as mentioned in another topic, i for one would really like a toggle option to see the amount of gold on the floor instead of seeing what you get when you pick it up.
  • We are looking into the Hellfire Ring and also the Staff of Herding in the next Reaper of Souls beta patch, so keep an eye out for more information on that soon :-)